Disposable Surgical Masks

Type IIR – Soft Earloops

Grixx Medical offers high quality Type IIR splash resistant disposable surgical masks that can be used in situations where exposure to blood and/ or body fluids from patients or the work environment are a risk for the wearer.

This type IIR disposable surgical mask is very comfortable to wear and made of soft lightweight non-woven material. The mask consists of 3 protective layers offering optimal filtration and good ventilation during breathing. The nose clamp can be folded around the nose and assures a perfect fit to any size or shape of the wearer’s head, while the soft ear loops easily and comfortably keep the mask in place.

The masks are free of Latex and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

Disposable Surgical Masks - Type IIR - Soft Earloops
  • Type IIR, BFE ≥ 98%
  • Splash resistant
  • 3-Protective layers
  • Moldable nose clamp
  • Soft ear loops
  • Free of Latex
  • For single use
  • 17.5 x 9.5cm (± 0.5cm)
  • 10 Pieces per pack
Shelf life

18 months from date of manufacture

Keep in a dry and ventilated environment without corrosive gas. Keep it away from fire and flammables. Avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight.

Technical specifications

Product Description, Weight and Dimensions


Part number NEMASKSURG01
Description Disposable Surgical mask – Soft Earloops
EAN 6973071550085
Finished face mask weight 3.56g (± 0.3g)
Finished face mask dimensions 175mm x 95mm (± 10mm)
Finished face mask thickness 0.68mm (± 0.05mm)
Earloop length 162.0mm (± 10mm)
Technical Details


Usage Disposable/ single use only
Sterilization Non-sterile
European Standard EN 14683:2019+AC:2019
Classification Type IIR
Color White
Shape Flat pleated
String type Soft earloop
Applicable EU regulation Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745 – Class 1
Manufacturing standard ISO 13485:2016
Manufacturing Made in China
Technical Properties


Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) ≥ 98%
Differential pressure (Pa/ cm2) < 60
Splash resistance pressure (kPa) ≥ 16.0
Microbial cleanliness (cfu/ g) ≤ 30


Outer layer Polypropylene spunbond (non-woven)
Filtration layer Polypropylene melt blown (non-woven)
Inner layer Polypropylene spunbond (non-woven)
Soft earloop Polypropylene
Nose clamp Plastic covered iron